Breakdown of the Giant’s Top Prospects

10. Derek Law, RP

Drafted: 2011, 4th Round

Age: 23

ETA: 2014 or 2015

The potential set-up man for the Giants in years to come, Law will begin his season in Double-A Richmond, and is projected to arrive to the MLB in 2014 or 2015. This spring, the prospect posted a 4.50 ERA in six innings. His delivery was deceptive, making his plus sinker look even nastier. In 2013 he had an absurd 45/1 SO/BB rate in High-A, with a WHIP of 0.82.

Overall grade: 50/80

9. Mac Williamson, OF

Drafted: 2012, 3rd Round

Age: 23

ETA: 2015 or 2016

Williamson is the top outfielder in the Giants farm system. A former catcher, Williamson was converted by San Francisco to roam the outfield. He is a power hitter, with 25 homeruns in High-A last season. However, he strikes out too much, and needs to work on his plate discipline. He has a premier arm and should continue to post big numbers in the minors this year.

Overall grade: 53

8. Clayton Blackburn, SP

Drafted: 2011, 16th Round

Age: 21

ETA: 2015

Blackburn showed last season that he has solid stuff in a four-pitch repertoire. His fastball and curveball are both considered major league caliber, and he also shows strong potential in his changeup and slider. His command is what makes him valuable, as his overall skill set is not overwhelming. He has a career 1.00 WHIP in his minor league career and is projected to start in AA this season.

Overall grade: 55

7. Chris Stratton, SP

Drafted: 2012, 1st Round

Age: 23

ETA: 2014 or 2015

Stratton has great command, which makes him an effective pitcher in the minor league levels. Although his stuff is not too strong, he keeps batters off balanced with his ability to hit the corners. The starter has the lowest risk, aside from Crick, in the entire Giants organization. He should see a call-up late this year or next.

Overall grade: 58

6. Ty Blach, SP

Drafted: 2012, 5th Round

Age: 23

ETA: 2015

Another San Francisco prospect with elite control, Blach allowed an incredible 0.6 HR/9 IP last year in minor league baseball. He also had the best ERA in the entire California League, putting himself on the map for the majors in 2015. He still needs refining in the minors, but Blach has been nothing but impressive in his first year and is expected to repeat his performance.

Overall grade: 59

5. Christian Arroyo, SS

Drafted: 2013, 1st Round

Age: 18

ETA: 2017 or 2018

The Giants’ first-round pick in 2013 hit .326 last year with 18 doubles. He is widely considered to be San Francisco’s top hitting prospect. He’ll spend a lot more time in the minors, seeing he’s only 18, but his performance is something Giants fans should be anticipating. He could be a perennial all-star in his prime.

Overall grade: 61

4. Andrew Susac, C

Drafted: 2011, 2nd Round

Age: 24

ETA: 2014

The top power hitter in the Giant’s system, Susac should see a call up this year or next to help star catcher Buster Posey in the dog days of the season. Previously disappointing in his early minor league campaigns, the catcher broke out with a .360 BA in the AFL. He’s a solid defensive catcher, and looks to be a strong plan B if Posey gets hurt or needs to move to first base later in his career.

Overall grade: 63

3. Adalberto Mejia, SP

Drafted: 2011, signed as IFA

Age: 20

ETA: 2014 or 2015

Mejia is one of the premier pitchers in all of minor league baseball. The lefty has tons of movement on his fastball and offers plus breaking pitches. He is a safe prospect for the Giants with little risk and should perform well in AAA this season with his strong stuff and great control. Although his 2013 season was not strong, with 17 homeruns given up in 109 innings, Mejia will look to rebound and impress management.

Overall grade: 65

2. Edwin Escobar, SP

Drafted: 2010, acquired from Rangers

Age: 21

ETA: 2014

A nearly guaranteed MLB call-up this season, Escobar impressed the Giants last season with his electrifying stuff and repertoire. He is looking at a potential starting role later this year for San Francisco, and rightfully so. In his 2013 AA season, Escobar had 10.21K/9 IP and a 2.80 ERA. Expect to see him starting in the fifth rotation spot come July.

Overall grade: 67

1. Kyle Crick, SP

Drafted: 2011, 1st Round

Age: 21

ETA: 2015

One of the top pitchers in all of minor league baseball, Crick is expected for big things. Like Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain, Crick’s stuff and ability exceeds the minor league level. He posted a 1.57 ERA last season, showing off his plus fastball and slider. The projected ace only needs to establish better control of the strike zone in order to perfect his game. He will most likely open the season in AA, where he can really show the organization what he’s made of.

Overall grade: 70

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